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Fire California

California summer. The season of fire.


I live in California where it’s so dry a hot headed remark can start a fire.


Tragically, there are sixteen fires raging up and down this beautiful state, taking forests for tinder, buildings for ash, wildlife for collateral, lives for sacrifice.


My heart bellows for those who have lost their homes or businesses. My admiration soars for those who fight the infernos. My despair screeches for an end.


I drive my car and think about how much I’ve contributed to the environmental crisis plaguing our world. Could I have walked or ridden my bike or  stayed home? Yet I still drive. And the fires still burn. And people still suffer.


And California is laid waste by flame provoked by drought and heat. Fire clouds sere the sky. Fire thunder rakes the land.


Mercy, please.


Not for me. For you, for the future, for the children.


May the season of fire return to mere summer, hot and sunny.



Just a thought 47


California 2013 Rim fire image courtesy