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A Gentleman in Moscow

Popular upheaval, political turmoil, industrial progress – any combination of these can cause the evolution of society to leapfrog generations, sweeping aside aspects of the past that might otherwise have lingered for decades. And this must be especially so, when those with newfound power are men who distrust any form of hesitation or nuance, and who prize self-assurance above all.

From A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, © 2016, Viking

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Cover image courtesy Viking

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  1. Those were the days, when politics was about gentlemen. Sigh.

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    • Actually, it was about the Russian Revolution. With your background in Russian history and language, you might enjoy the book. Anyway, I don’t think politics are ever about gentlemen, I think they’re about wielding and imposing power – but that’s my opinion – what do I know?

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      • Politics are certainly not a gentleman’s game right now. It’s distressing to me that civility is neither shown nor even expected when it’s all about power. It says something about humans that I truly wish could speak differently of us.


      • I think politics have always been about power, but sometimes those in charge have some scruples, ethics, and decency about them. Some even pursue altruistic goals along with the lunge for money and fame. Not the crew in charge at the moment. It’s money, fame, and control all the way, starting at the very top with the orange rug.

        But when you were a kid, didn’t you think that the folks in charge must have always intended to be fair and just? I’m not a kid anymore. Should I tweet “sad?”


  2. The lessons of the past should not be lost even while being forgotten by those in power.

    I do believe each time the earth is scorched there ultimately is regeneration – new and more verdant growth. But it’s painful to watch it burn while so many get scorched.

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    • Though I admire your optimism, I think the consequences are far more dangerous and enduring this time – I worry that we will not recover. Nature recovers from fire because fire is a natural part of the life cycle. What we’re witnessing is not natural – it’s a man made disaster.

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  3. sobering …


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