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Forward is the Only Possible

Like smells that dissipate over time – skunk and cinnamon, lemon oil and wet dog – past fame doesn’t fill current space. Whatever accomplishments I achieved yesterday – a good deed for a stranger, a well written paragraph in my work in progress, an angry retort I wish I could annul (not glory but shame) – are not enough for today. Tomorrow waits to be filled with distinction.

The past is a nebulous landscape, the future a cryptic horizon. Only the slipstream under my feet energizes today. Today exists for an infinitesimal moment, archaic while the moment passes.

Waft cautiously, ingest deeply. Exhale with resolve. Roll up my sleeves, engage today’s pursuits. Smells invigorate this moment, an elixir of potential.



Just a Thought 31



Alchimiste, 1648, by David III Ryckaert

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Comments on: "Forward is the Only Possible" (27)

  1. Beautiful thoughts.


  2. Deep my friend. Today deserves it own list of accomplishments. A very different write for you. I like the way I came back to blogging and you’re hitting us with a variety of posts.

    Have a wonderful week full of sunshine and smiles.


  3. OK, as a student of history, I really have to think about this post, Shari. Hmm…


    • If I have made you think, Jacqui, I consider myself successful. 😀

      Examining history is valuable and essential, but we can’t live there. Whatever we do or write, even in consideration of history, is done in the moment but for the benefit of the future.

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  4. Such wise words, Sharon. Someone once said that our only point of power is in the present moment. We all need reminders of that. Thank you!


  5. Well if that isn’t an inspirational way to start my morning, then I don’t know what is! Thanks Sharon. May your day be fragrant.


  6. really well written and enough to inspire someone, appreciation from India


  7. So intrigued by the comparison of living in the moment, the act of breathing, and using our sense of smell…food for thought. Thank you.


  8. So very powerful and beautiful words, Sharon. Yes, all we really have is the moment, not the past that tries to tow us under sometimes, not the future that might hold promises. Keep rolling up those sleeves – it´s the only thing we can do. xoxo


  9. Nice. Each day requires an accounting of me–did I use well the gift I was given when I woke up? Every day should see at least a small goal met–a garden weeded, a tree planted, a training session with a puppy who needs to get better at coming when called. And the evocative language was simply beautiful. 🙂


  10. Engaging today’s pursuits. Yes! What we allow to stop us from doing so isn’t always worth it, in the end. Love this piece, Shari


  11. “The past is a nebulous landscape, the future a cryptic horizon”. Sharon you are capturing a core fundamental concept of Buddhism, as you no doubt know. There is but the present. Even if each present moment is ephemeral and instantly passed, here is the good news… It is the journey and not the destination and therefore whether forward backwards or sideways, being in the present is our best play. As always, a well written evocative piece.



    • It is the journey – always providing another chance to try again and make it better, always reaching for a better effort, even if the most perfect is not, cannot be attained. (I’m a bit of Jewish Buddhist.)


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