Sparked by Words

A New Eden

Words might inspire but

no value befalls without action, nor

nor do all the hovering words in

all the languages of the world

speak nearly as well as

digging the shovel into the ground

that seeds can be planted,

for inspiration lasts only as long as

one shower, water enhancing

the sensation imagined,

yet imagination lasts only as long as

one stands under the trickling drops,

wondering when to turn off the water,

exit the shower to recall the

thoughts made brilliant by heat,

echoes, and dampness,

then to tease out the single line

worthy of writing to begin

to plant story, that in time

the bounty can be harvested,

a table set for celebration, and

seeds poured left hand to right,

right hand to left, and back again,

water trickling down and down,

prodigal with promise of food, drink,

ideas to discuss, to plot, to invest,

and dreams to nurture,

vowing more words to rise

before the season of bounty ends,

then to consider from where

the seeds first had come,

who the first planter,

who the gardener, and who the one

who labored long to harvest,

and would seeds appear once more

or take flight forever,

or in a moment of serendipity

bequeath the legacy of

a passion for inventing,

a trove of readers,

a yield of love,

that you and I might one day

decide to grow our garden

and plant our seeds and pray

for rainfall, sunshine, fortune,

then welcome all to the feast

of words gathered from Eden,

hoping to leave the miraculous

breath of curiosity that might inspire

you and you and you and you

with words that tell a story

amen yes amen


Just a Thought 37


Wheat Field by Vincent Van Gogh, courtesy CCO Creative Commons

Comments on: "A New Eden" (31)

  1. A magnificent speech / poem in celebration of the written word – your words are inspiring me, Shari! I love the analogy with nature, planting the seeds, nurturing them, harvesting them – this works wonderfully. An uplifting call to arms (with pens /keyboard) for all writers! 😀❤️

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  2. There is something about Van Gogh that inspires. Your words are a perfect compliment.


  3. Spoken with the wisdom and love it takes to teach those around her. Very well written, Shari.

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  4. Jenna Barwin said:

    Very lyrical, you’ve captured the act of story with a poetic word picture! Well done!


  5. I think you planted a seed for this one Sharri and brought it to harvest.


  6. I did read it aloud (I always do with poetry) – and it´s even more beautiful then, Shari! I love the analogy of writing and gardening! Especially now that everything´s abloom again and I´m on the lookout for new lovely plants in the garden centers. 😉
    Happy writing, dear friend! 🙂


    • It was the few flowers in our garden that got me started. Other than those courageous blooms, I’m not a great gardener. Thanks for reading, Sarah.

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      • Gardening takes a lot of time which in your case is better spent with writing I think. 😉 And also who says weeds aren’t pretty? I think they’re are wonderful like dandelions and they don’t need a lot of attention, so maybe a wild garden would do for you? Those are the ones I prefer anyway. 😊


      • Thanks, Sarah, for thinking wild is lovely – it’s my preference. Unfortunately, our garden is mostly dead leaves from the overhanging eucalyptus trees and asparagus ferns that have taken over the few other plants that were trying to make a stand. You’re right – I’m better at writing and painting. At least, I hope so.

        We are slowly transitioning to succulents and native plants, more natural here in drought-ridden Southern California.

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  7. You had me at “shower” . . . had to reread twice because all I could do was picture you getting the inspiration for this poem while taking a shower. (It was G-rated, you had your back turned). Projection is a marvelous thing – since I sprained my ankle and can’t take a shower my psyche (and my body) is undoubtedly longing for immersion.

    It was a good read all three times.


    • Three times? You read my poem three times? I’m astonished and humbled, Judy, thank you.

      Thank you for turning around. I get a lot of ideas while showering and walking and unfortunately, I forgot many once I’m dry. I keep a pad and notebook in the bathroom and that helps.
      And please get better soon. I think your foot is taking too long a time to heal but at least it is getting better.


  8. A bountiful poem, Sharon – I too love this analogy! Inspiring to our muses, no doubt.


  9. What an excellent piece. Inspiring. Imaginative. A perfect poem for the image.


  10. Oh! you have fed my soul with your poem! to aspire towards Eden …


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