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If you don’t stop agitating me, I’ll start writing a new book, and you will be in it, but you might not like the way I portray you.

If you console me and press a sharpened new pencil into my hand, you will be in the book even if you don’t recognize yourself. Still you will be there.

Know you must stand by my side and make me write. Your destiny and mine.

Such is the casualty once my trembling has stopped.



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Photo of sculpture of two people in prayer by Cape Town, South Africa artist, courtesy CCO Creative Commons

Comments on: "Muse" (37)

  1. I agree, one never knows if they are in our writing, lol.

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  2. I like the thought of getting even with my muse by writing her into my next story. Nice one, Shari!

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  3. If I’d known earlier the way to be a heroine in your book was to agitate you I’d have started sooner.

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  4. I can relate to your conversation with your muse, Sharon. It’s spot on!

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  5. Lovely, Shari.

    One of my really awful characters is based on one of my best friends. 🙂 She was happy when I told her.

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  6. Wisdom, Sharon! expressed with wit & humour!

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  7. Hehe! I wonder what face your muse will make when she reads this. 😉

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  8. lovely post! as many people are wrong about seeing themselves or others in my writing…


  9. Resonates. So well written, Shari. Stunning wit, really.


  10. Shari, this has me smiling … I’m sure it’s your muse’s intent all along to feature in a book! The ultimate accolade … or so the Muse hopes! 😀


    • It might depend on who the muse proves to be, right? We’re inspired by different people and events, some real and many fabricated. Our muse may inhabit any of them. Thanks for your witty remark, Annika.

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  11. Stop. You have to finish one of your WIP first. Put down those ideas but don’t start. Well you can if you like. don’t you hate how a new project pops its head up when you are so close to completing another and all you want to do is work on the new one.


  12. I love this. From your delicious opening which captured me until the perfect ending. Great work Sharon.


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