Sparked by Words

Silver Orbs

Tiptoeing between raindrops

Blessing every one of their

Silvery little orbs

Waiting for rain to pause

To rove among the wildflowers

Gathered on the hills in California

Golden, lavender, crimson buds

I will kneel before not to pick

But to embrace their lucence

Cradle the bowl of their petals

Manna between my palms


Capture now with camera lens

Tomorrow sketch in watercolors

Hoping that next winter

There will be raindrops to spare

Then dancing blossom heads

Of honey, plum, and scarlet hue

Roaming wild hills next spring

To stroll about their garden

We are all wanderers

Seeking earth, sun, clemency

The rain, the flowers, and I


Just a thought 67


Raindrop image courtesy Pixabay

California wildflower image courtesy Wikimedia Commons



Comments on: "Silver Orbs" (20)

  1. Me, I was hiding from them!

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  2. Just a beautiful thought. A gorgeous write. The beauty the winter rains can deliver are spectacular and shouldn’t go unappreciated.

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  3. love this – so glad we’re supposed to get even more rain, & not just our usual downpour that only washes everything away 🙂


  4. Such a lovely tribute to rain and its yield! Our rivers up here are FULL and many folks already have flowers blooming in their gardens! I’d rather capture the flowers with my lens instead of my fingers! They last longer! Enjoy your wildflower trip with your grandkids, Shari!

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    • It’s illegal to pick the flowers. The very first time I ever went spring wildflower hunting was the year before I got engaged and the guy I eventually married drove me all over Southern California, finding field after field of poppies, evening primrose, lupine, mustard, verbena, and all kinds of blossoms. We stopped everywhere and I filled a huge basket with every flower I could find. Late that afternoon, someone told me that I was committing a crime by picking wildflowers. I panicked and was worried the entire drive home that we’d be pulled over and arrested, my huge basket of wildflowers evidence of my sticky fingers. Next morning I woke but couldn’t open my eyes – they were glued swollen shut. I’m apparently allergic to some of the pretty flora. I panicked again, afraid I’d gone permanently blind and would never see again. It took some Benadryl, I think, to cure me and quite a few hours for my eyes to open again. We used a lovely photo of of Bob and I siting in the midst of the flowers for our engagement photo. I’ve never picked another wildflower since. I still remember it as a wonderful day with a scary outcome.

      Thanks for your comment, Terri.

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  5. Such lovely images in your poem, Sharon! I too love the rain, especially after a dry spell. And those wildflowers – would love to see a hillside full of poppies and lupins right now…. No spring flowers here yet (hard freezes every night) so it was especially nice to come across this post of yours tonight! 🙂


    • We’re unlikely to spot wildflowers in our Southern California suburban neighborhood but a 2-3 hour drive will take us into the hills to the east of us and we’ll see field after field of blooms. Betty, I’m glad you enjoyed the imagery in the poem.


  6. Shari, you capture the magic of rainfall with iridescent beauty, and with verbal dexterity you paint a vivid image of the stunning wildflowers along the hillsides. Thankfulness, peace and harmony reflected in your thoughts and poem, Shari … teaching me to moan less about the rain and be grateful for its gifts! The flowers in the garden are definitely lapping up the essence, the wind has less positive results. May all us wanderers exist in harmony! 😀🌺


    • Annika, few people write a comment in poetry but I’m not surprised that you did. It’s raining again here, but California’s snow pack is deep, our reservoirs are full, and the drought has ended throughout nearly the entire state. I hope this helps the agricultural spine of our state to recover the health of our crops and livestock, and the threat of fire reduced by our forests being replenished with water. I’ve always loved rain because in all the wet and cold is the future. Wish we could make it spread out evenly over the year. Really love your last line absolutely.

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  7. I can’t wait for spring to arrive here. Your poem gives me a much needed lift!


  8. Your beautiful watercolour of the Californian poppies smiles down at me as I’m writing this, Shari. 😊 Taking photos, painting nature – best way to preserve and honour these amazing flowers. 😄


  9. Beautiful poem about the rain. Being a rain lover myself.. Oh my that description of your wildflower picking experience…. (in your comments). Last year and this again in May we will visit one of my sons who lives in Northern California at the time when all the springflowers are just popping up… I am so excited. I do love to pick a few and put them into a glass, bringing the outside beauty in.



    • Thank you, Peta, I’ve always loved rain. You’re coming back to the U.S. – wonderful for you and the family. We’re also hoping to visit our Norther California son soon. Be careful about picking wildflowers – it’s still illegal in most places.


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