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Down the Stairs


“Yes, I pushed him down the stairs

But he’s the one who fell.”

Not a valid defense for violence.

Doesn’t turn a terrorist into a freedom fighter.

Won’t create justice for the wrongfully accused.

Can’t replace lies with an ethical mission.

Won’t douse fire once ignited

Or salvage what’s been destroyed.

Not a reason to hold hostage the innocent.

Does not showcase nefarious behavior as decency.

Won’t grant a medal for heroism

Or a trophy for humanitarianism.

Unconvincing as policy for disguising acts

Of bigotry, racism, misogyny, deceit, or hatred.

Address God in any and every language,

It doesn’t make an evil deed holy.

And it sure as hell isn’t a mandate for peace.

Only cowards push and blame.



Just a Thought 73


Painting Steps in Algiers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, courtesy Wikimedia Commons





Comments on: "Down the Stairs" (30)

  1. Sounds a bit like the old “But he/she started it!” classic response of the bully.

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  2. Brilliant thought.

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  3. Oh, there are some who will argue with you. Awesome poem, Sharon, and a sad commentary on the world.

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  4. Jenna Barwin said:

    The most eye-opening thing I learned while getting a masters degree was the concept that “history is written by the winners.” And the so-called winners don’t own their own shit in the problem.

    Tweeted & shared.

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  5. The only good news is the “pushers” are sticking around so we can identify them – it’s harder when they hit-n-run and disappear into the dark.

    Another powerful poem Shari!

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  6. Ah yes, the finger-pointing! Such an eloquent thought on why many of us can’t accept responsibility for our own actions. :/

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  7. A poignant thought, Shari. I admit I feel like despairing every time I listen to the news and watch the bullies and cowards push and blame. It’s a sad world that mirrors school ground behavior all around. 😦

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  8. Great writing – am trying to remember exact words of a quote I heard – something to effect that we can justify anything when we want to…


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