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I Could Aim Better

Even without a wayward draft to misdirect a bird in flight, a folded slip of paper aimed at a trashcan might yet miss its intended target and land on the floor, a dust collector for those with short brooms.

A baker en route to delivering fresh cookies to lucky children might trip on the upturned edge of the sidewalk, the treats toppling onto the concrete, landing in a crush of sweet crumble for alert mice.

Aiming for the concentric circle of chlorinated water at the community pool, a diver might wobble his torso, miss the mark, and land in a belly flop, water erupting as wildly as back flipping whales.

Stories do not begin in perfect landings but perfectly good stories begin in chaotic tumbles down all kinds of chutes. The struggle of climbing back up makes for great reading.


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Image: The Dance of Cogul, Levantine rock art of the Iberian Peninsula