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Holy moly, guacamole! I’ve been nominated for Liebster awards, twice in two days. Thank you kindly to the two people who nominated me. I am deer-in-the-headlights thunderstruck and very grateful so be so acknowledged.  I won’t bother you with one of those Oscar speeches where the diamond-clad winner can’t give a one-minute thank you speech and gives a 30-minute rant instead, telling the audience all the trials and sorry details of his miserable life before winning, and the orchestra’s string section starts to play and then plays louder and then plays faster, and then adds the percussion section, and then that poor schmuck kid who was last hired as an intern for the Academy Awards has to trudge onstage and grab the manicured hand of the winner and drag that idiot off because Da Winner couldn’t find the exit route all by his lonely little egotistical self. No, I won’t do that, though I did have a childhood filled with…oh, never mind.

First Liebster: Thank you, Don Charisma, for honoring me with your nomination. Here are the answers to your questions: (The questions are here as well)

1. Who’s your favourite fem fatale? Don’t have one. Neither a homme fatale. People in the position to devastate other people have done so too often. I don’t need to give them any more power. It must be great to be beautiful and sexy (I wouldn’t know) but it is truly wonderful to be a decent human being.

2. What do you like about WordPress blogging? It’s made it possible for a computer moron like me to post on my blog, and I’m very grateful for this.

3. If you could be any public figure, who would you be and why? I wanted to become a chaplain so I could offer solace and compassion to all the people I meet who are so paralyzed by that which has befallen them. I can’t do it officially, (as a chaplain) but I try to be a comfort to others.

4. Three things you don’t like about Facebook? The exposure to everyone in the universe and beyond – yeah, I don’t have that let’s-show-this-to-everyone mindset. People are entitled to protection and privacy. That’s one, two, and three for me.

5. Three things you do like about Facebook? I get to see photos from friends. That’s one, two, and three for me.

6. If you could do anything and there was no limits, what would you do? I’d love to be able to see my family and friends much more often, especially those who are far away. Oh, and I’d publish my three books and get them out there in the world. The last one is a bit selfish, but I’m not writing all these books to keep my keyboard warm.

7. If you had to describe my Don Charisma blog to friend, how would you describe it? Smart, inventive, bold, timely, compassionate, and very helpful.

8. Most inspiring film (movie)? The English Patient. It moved me with its romance and adventure. But really, it’s a long list of great films.

9. Would you choose wealth or freedom (if you could choose only one)? Freedom. What the heck good is wealth without freedom?

10. What you’d most like to see change in the world. The us versus them attitude. Remove this from the universal equation and so much negative and violent vibe would be eradicated. We could spend all that energy on fixing the world, caring for each other, and enjoying our little blue planet. We are after all, one.

Second Liebster: Thank you, Vishal’s Blog, for your generous nomination. Here are the answers to your questions: (The questions are here as well)

1. What is your favorite instant messenger ? I don’t have one. Unless you want to count my little grandchildren graciously carrying messages to other family members.

2. Which do you prefer facebook or twitter ? I don’t Twitter at all and don’t love Facebook, though I do enjoy seeing friends’ photos.

3. Do you have a dream and what is its purpose ? I want to get my books published. I’ve spent the past 12 years writing, I have more book ideas in queue, and I fully intend to publish one day, one way or another. My books have something to say, I write well, and there are people who will enjoy them. And, they are my legacy to my children and grandchildren, works I’m very proud of creating.

4. When last did you do something out of your comfort zone? Accepted a job as an aide in a school that is founded on a precept I know little about. I love the job but I am challenged every day.

5. What’s your favourite movie ? The English Patient. It moved me with its romance and adventure. But really, it’s a long list of great films.

6. Your favourite actor or actress ? None, really. Many great actors, actresses out there, but they don’t need any more adulation than what they already receive. Most could do with a dose of humility and a bigger dose of doing something for others.

7. What would you do with a million dollars ? Would donate to worthy charities, and definitely give to my children and grandchildren. Likely take my family on a memorable vacation, just so we could be together for a few weeks, exploring a wonderful place on earth.

8. What is your favourite food ? I love to eat, and whatever I’m looking at on those cooking shows is usually the one I want to taste immediately. But one thing? Maybe open faced grilled cheese sandwich with tomato slice on top. Simple, comforting.

9. Do your prefer dogs or cats ? Allergic to some cats, and prefer the playful goofiness and loyalty of dogs. But they must be playful and companionable dogs.

10. What’s your favourite song ? Antonin Dvorcak’s New World Symphony. It’s up there with many, many others, and they all fight for first place.

Gentlemen, my sincerest thanks for your nominations. Truly, I am very new at blogging and still learning, so your acknowledgements touch me. I will shortly follow up with Liebster nominations of my own, awarded to those whose blogs I admire.


Comments on: "Leaping Lizards, It’s the Liebster!" (8)

  1. Homme fatale–that’s priceless. You are often so funny, Shari. You should add that to your fiction more often.


    • Thank you, Jacqui. All of my books have some humor in them, but I don’t think the crit group ever read any of those parts. One day I may try to write a book in the humor vein. What do you want to bet, I won’t be able to do it well?


  2. Hey Sharon, Congrats once again 🙂 Great answers, English patient great film, and facebook, I think you said it better than I could!

    Speak soon

    Don Charisma & Don Charisma


  3. Hey Sharon, I’m blessed with positive friends, you, and others, here on WordPress – Which makes blogging enjoyable and inspiring, enhances my life, so THANK YOU:)


    Don Charisma & Don Charisma


  4. “Holy Smoely!”

    Where do I vote? Is it too late? El Pronto, someone tell me, please!!!!

    We must get this woman to the event on time. She is most definitely our gal.

    (Seriously, I must excuse myself from here and charge off into, The Land of Wonder, so that I might cast my vote. I’ll be back later, Sharon…)


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