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Our pledge for our children

To order silence from our nascent viscera

To draw inspiration from our noblest instincts

To stretch empathy from our trembling hearts

To see promise in shadows, future in echoes

To hear power in thoughts rendered with love

To mold honor from acts wrought of despair

To restrain, to rise, to remember the cloud

That bound all in the nursery of universe

This our tribute, this our promise

That one impostor cannot divide

What community deems whole

That the guttural throb of the savage

Is muted by voices chanted in chorus

We hold the heart line of dignity

As profound as the creation of stars


Image courtesy public domain: NASA and NSSDC

This site is not endorsed by NASA.

Comments on: "Nebula" (16)

  1. Every generation must choose between good and evil (though some of us don’t believe in such a thing as truth). So beautifully written, Sharon.

    Be well.

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  2. Nebulas are amazing–as profound as anything I know. Well-written, Shari.

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  3. This inspires me, Shari. Your poetry oozes wisdom and I’m always so happy to see you share it here. My prayer is that truth is seen with eyes wide open and cared for with grace.

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  4. Beauty, both vision and photo!

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  5. “We hold the heart line of dignity” – wonderful line and powerful poem. Beautifully penned.

    Sending you, my friend, the heart line of love

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  6. I loved this, Sharon! Beautiful!

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  7. I echo your heartfelt sentiments and think you have written how many are feeling beautifully. I particularly like “To see promise in shadows, future in echoes
    To hear power in thoughts rendered with love”. We are trying very hard to see the promise in the shadows but I know it is there and I hope with all my heart that “one imposter” can’t “divide”.


    • Thanks, Irene, for your comments. I don’t consider myself much of a poet but this one poured out in about an hour after I saw the supermoon. The anxiety about the incoming president boils under the surface of everything.

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