Sparked by Words



The wonder of space implores us to be placid


Gazing at the supermoon one night past

I saw the distance between her and earth

Limpid and far, quiet and empty

As if the only breach were my vision

Fractured by weak eyesight, poor posture

Telescopes might pull her closer

Though we fill the gap doggedly with fear

Argument, hatred, accusation, injury, violence

We shatter our world and the moon’s

Posing as wholly independent, just one

When in fact we are all connected, all one


Heavenward eyes peer, souls beseech tranquility


One being, one earth, one universe, one cosmos

Roiling, expanding, bursting, churning, emerging

Space between moon and earth

Never still, the ether a shimmer, a quiver,

Launch of one rocket equal to one smile

I was born in 1948, most recent super moon

Before last Sunday’s, will not be here for the next

May the year 2034 be one of calm and peace

May my spirit then united with all breaths

Be a scarce flux, an absent touch

My children and grandchildren to feel justice


The scope of all atoms toward the serene


Great-grandchildren and strangers everywhere

Know what I left behind, unremembered,

Unremarked, also did no damage, merely an attempt

To repair the rifts, the harm, the anger, the blows

Tried to say thank you, I’m sorry, I forgive, I love

If not always heard because other

Sounds and movements hurt, stole, cut, raped

I turned my back even while proclaiming my

Innocence, activism, contribution, my part

I am also responsible for all that and

So are you – we may not acquit nor turn aside


The swell of sanctuary, of prodigal equity


The moon was close on Sunday, most super

But we are close to each other every day

No matter my speech or heritage, no matter yours

We are all born of the same dust and glow

The same needs, urges, desires, ash, and blood

May not blame the Holy One nor ask favor

It was granted the moment of our birth

Now is our chance and our charge to build

Repair, invent, improve, protect, share, yield

That when next the moon appears most super

Her gleam will expose a world whole and still


One voice of God most heard and most felt by all



Moon image courtesy Harvest Moon on the #UWS #NYC September 8, 2014 image/editing/sookietex and released into the public domain

Comments on: "Supermoon" (29)

  1. May not blame the Holy One nor ask favor

    It was granted the moment of our birth.

    LOVE that line, Sharon! What a gorgeous psalm!

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  2. That moon is inspirational, innit. I’ve scoffed at the big moon images in some movies–no more. Now I’ve seen it.

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  3. So MANY evocative lines for me:
    “Fractured by weak eyesight, poor posture” – our human spirituality that does not see nor stand erect and proud

    “Space between moon and earth” – both the clutter we’ve sent into the sky (literally & metaphorically) and our illusion there is nothing there that connects broken by the tides.

    “Know what I left behind, unremembered” – again the illusion we are not connected yet the soul-knowing everything is connected and imprinted on our DNA.

    I could go on and on Shari – there are so many lines that aroused my mind and senses. That’s what poetry is meant to do and you done did it . . . in spades.

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    • Thank you, Judy, I really appreciate your comments and especially how you understood what I wanted to get across. We are small but what we say and do makes a difference. It’s important to consider carefully and to remember we are all connected, our deeds are lasting, our lives have impact.

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      • Here is my favorite part: “May not blame the Holy One nor ask favor
        It was granted the moment of our birth
        Now is our chance and our charge to build
        Repair, invent, improve, protect, share, yield.” Sharon, this speaks to me of one of my favorite “questions.” Prayer, it seems to me, is a plea to God, sometimes in desperation, for this or that to come about according to our desires and designs, but yet here you state that the gift has already been granted, and it is our turn to step up and deal in response. It suggests showing gratitude for what has been given and accepting personal responsibility because of it. I love the idea of this. It is DEEP stuff.


      • This is what I believe, that a prayer is not meant to be a request for a gift but a response for those already given. The most we can ask in prayer is the strength to deal with our struggles. Even then, prayers may be answered in ways unexpected or not understood. The responsibility of what remains is still ours. I’m grateful you understood my interpretation.

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    • Yes, Catnip, Sharon done did it! I am blown away.


  4. If I’d had my choice, I’d chosen to sit with you, to hear you recite these words. Words full of past failings, hopes, regrets and misgivings, of chance and aspirations for what should be, never was. Shari, this is stunning. Worthy of a slow respectful read. Thank you.

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  5. That was a wonderful poem, very contemplative and introspective. It’s funny to think that Socrates, Genghis Khan, Montezuma all looked up at the same moon. And of course, when everyone here today has long, long gone, the moon will still be there in the sky.

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  6. This poem really moved me Sharon. I agree with Judy – there are just so many wonderful lines that I can’t point them all out. The moon moved you to write the poem that moved me. If only everyone understood we are all connected and if only we could all work as one. What a wonderful world that would be.

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  7. Marvelous, Sharon! would copy & paste entirety of it, but for sake of this format, have chosen my fave lines as,

    “We are all born of the same dust and glow
    The same needs, urges, desires, ash, and blood”

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  8. I remember this moon, but I think you got a lot more out of it than I did. 🙂


    • We are star gazers over here – both sons and their families and hubby all love looking up. I’ve been transfixed since I was a child, looking for the man in the moon and eventually understanding a little more about the universe. The current political situation still has me quaking, and not just here in the U.S. All over the world I hear the dissonant sounds of anger and hate. So very sad and frightening. Thanks for reading, Cathleen.


  9. Wow! You’re aware of how good this poem is, right? I read a lot of poetry, and it doesn’t always speak to me, though I do try to comprehend what the poet had in mind. Just seems sometimes it can be a slog, but yours is different. I was lulled into the rhythm and therefore the impact of each word so quickly that it told me I was grasping the full meaning as I rode the waves of this masterfully written poem. I am in awe! Beautiful metaphoric, evocative, mystical, symbolic, insightful and well done. I will now return to read it again.


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