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I’ve been looking forward to the publication of  Born in a Treacherous Time by Jacqui Murray. Not just because she’s a good friend but also because I’ve had the privilege of reading part of the book and was captivated by it.

It’s the story of Lucy, a Homo habilis woman who struggles to survive in prehistoric Africa when volcanoes erupted without warning, animals attacked from every region, and waking each morning was not guaranteed. She faces challenges that force her to use her physical prowess as well as her mental skills, sometimes trying to convince the members of her tribe that she has solutions that may protect them.

Murray employs interesting characters living in a challenging time who face obstacles from surviving the daunting environment to grasping moral dilemmas. Her description of this prehistoric era puts the reader into the period when Earth was dangerous and beautiful, the very nebula of human development, and a moment of precipitous change.

I had a chance to talk with Jacqui about her newest book, asking questions she was generous in answering. Following is the interview.


Thank you, Jacqui, for agreeing to take the time to discuss your newest book, Born in a Treacherous Time .What one characteristic would you say allowed Lucy to survive in a world populated with saber-toothed cats, violent volcanoes, and predatory species who liked to eat man?


Really, with our thin skin, dull teeth, and tiny claws (aka fingernails), Lucy had no right to survive against the thick-skinned mammoth or tearing claws of the great cats of that time. But we did. The biggest reason: Even then, Lucy was a problem solver. She faced crises and came up with solutions. Where most animals spent their time eating and sleeping, Lucy had time left over. This, she used to solve problems.

To me, that thoughtful approach to living, one no other animal exhibits, is why we came to rule the planet.


How do you differentiate Lucy (the book’s main character) from the folks who probably led to her species’ extinction?


Homo habilis (Lucy) was a brilliant creature, worthy of our respect and admiration, but probably too kind for the next iteration of man, Homo erectus. Lucy would rather flee than fight, didn’t kill even to eat, and didn’t create offensive weapons. As a result, her first line of defense was flight.

But, in this story, you see evolution at work. Lucy does what she must to survive, even if it ultimately means killing.


We know Lucy’s species, Homo habilis, died out about the time of this story (1.8 million years ago). Is this story dystopian—meaning Lucy loses in the end?


Homo erectus (Lucy’s arch enemy) was a violent species of man. Their skulls were significantly thicker than Homo habilis–a sign that they got beat about the head often and survived. He routinely kills to survive, thinks nothing about that strategy, but I leave it open whether Lucy’s species ‘evolved’ into this more robust species or was replaced by them. We just don’t know.


I have to mention how compelling the book cover is.


Thank you. The artist fulfilled my hopes.


This excerpt is from Kirkus Reviews:

Murray’s lean prose is steeped in the characters’ brutal worldview, which lends a delightful otherness to the narration …The book’s plot is similar in key ways to other works in the genre, particularly Jean M. Auel’s The Clan of the Cave Bear. However, Murray weaves a taut, compelling narrative, building her story on timeless human concerns of survival, acceptance, and fear of the unknown. Even if readers have a general sense of where the plot is going, they’ll still find the specific twists and revelations to be highly entertaining throughout.

A well-executed tale of early man.


I hope this article has excited you to read Jacqui Murray’s Born in a Treacherous Time.


Book information:

Title: Born in a Treacherous Time

Series: Book 1 in Man vs. Nature collection

Genre: Prehistoric fiction

Cover by: Damonza 

Available at: Kindle US, Kindle UK, Kindle Canada




Comments on: "Born in a Treacherous Time" (46)

  1. I can’t imagine the type of research needed for this book! Congrats, Jacqui. thanks for sharing, Shari.

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  2. Thanks so much for hosting me, Shari. You above everyone else know how much time I spent on this book. That cover–the harried frantic female–could be me!


  3. It’s next up on my reading list! I’ve not read anything quite like it before, so I’m intrigued by what I’ll find.

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  4. Sounds most interesting! A shame that our more brutal species survived instead of her more gentle one.

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  5. Jenna Barwin said:

    I love the cover. It really conveys the story setting and is very compelling.

    Lucy’s story sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing the interview with us, Sharon. Best wishes for a successful new release, Jacqui!

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  6. Shari, I just love your take on Jacqui’s book. I read some of what Tina Frisco wrote too. Again, congrats on a great launch, and I do have to agree with that amazing book cover! I read all of Jean Auel’s books and loved her character Ayla. Lucy sounds amazing and I look forward to meeting her! I don’t know if either of you are sci-fi buffs, but the end of the new Battlestar Gallactica series ended with a nod to Lucy, indicating that their whole space journey was in ancient times!

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  7. great interview Sharon! I love the last question and how we are left with a cliff hanger!

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  8. Shari, a fascinating interview with Jacqui and I feel for Lucy and her gentle nature… ultimately either integrated into the new harsher being or wiped out altogether. I agree, the cover is terrific, eye-catching, vibrant and the font is just perfect – a most unusual one! Good luck to Jacqui with this book launch!

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  9. This was a pleasure to read. Good interview.

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  10. I also instantly fell in love with the cover, it’s a real ‘grab me&read me’ one. 😉 And being a long-standing fan of prehistoric fiction (started reading it at age 11!) this book simply is a must for me. 😄

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  11. Looking forward to reading this. Just purchased.


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