Sparked by Words

Most of All

Most of all, I

quiet to hear my sons’ laughter but snub the marching band

tongue spicy sweet cinnamon though disdain rare truffles

climb to sight the far sunset  and turn away from the road

yearn to listen to the poet but don’t hear any king

lean to smell the hyacinth though not costly perfume

reach to kiss my lover’s hand but ignore the silken gown

chant the trope of psalms but refute the tyrant’s rant

kneel to drink clear water but am not sated with Champagne

stretch to grasp my toes far longer than to hold a torch

pray for my grandchildren’s health rather than myself a longer life

seek my worth as a seashell more than all the gold in the world


Just a thought 55


Photo of seashell courtesy Pixabay





Comments on: "Most of All" (25)

  1. And a lovely thought at that.

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  2. A girl after my own heart. Nicely spoken.

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  3. Ahh… The details in comparisons. I’ve gotten to the point where there are those rare times when I’ve hit being persnickety about a lot of the things you write in your poem. Is it a sign of age? Probably.

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  4. Sharron, I am totally enchanted by your poem. With all senses you show us the true
    and beautiful way. To listen, to taste, to hear, to touch and to care.



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  5. Your words are so eloquent! Takes my breath away.

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  6. I love this beautiful poem, Sharon (and it IS a poem 🤗). It’s all about priorities, isn’t it?


  7. You are courageous to experiment with writing & generous to share with us — this is a lovely innovative post ❤


  8. Shari, a beautiful poem/thought full of sensory delight of life, a positive and uplifting post that carries us along and into your world. You remind us what is truly important in all our lives! hugs xx


  9. Eloquent and profound. The smpler things and life can provide so much joy.


  10. Such a beautiful and sweet thought/poem, Shari! We do pray more for the health of those we love than our own longevity, don’t we? And to me seashells are more beautiful than gold – which might be the reason why I’m not rich. 😂


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