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Kind of Like Stars

Kind of like stars – only the ancient light of them remains

Not yesterday’s anger either, just the sticky path of our tears

What was it we argued about that now I can’t recall

Less the chores of our lives than slights that pierce our flesh

And make me bend as if holding my ribs will heal the pain


Kind of like rainbows – name their colors but never catch them

Not the wind either, just the toppled twigs, the skittering leaves

How did I not see you shiver, the confusion in your eyes

Why did you fail to ease the ache of my heart, my soul

Though one part of me is as tender as all parts of you


Kind of like water – without shape of its own, only a wild surge

Not the thirst for assent either, just the hungry plea that you see me

Will you call my name, touch my hand? I cannot swallow

Still we yearn to press beyond what we can’t hold in our palms

Love and acceptance, memory and future, all of all between


Kind of like fragrance – bereft of corpus, only a scent we inhale

Not the spices we measure either, just the smell of you against me

Even if you leave, I will still feel your breath on my cheek

Yet I run to gather flowers and seeds, as if they will thrive

You will always be a living presence in my life, today, tomorrow



Just a thought 56


Painting, Lovers, 1928, by Felix Nussbaum, courtesy Wikimedia Commons










Comments on: "Kind of Like Stars" (36)

  1. Beautiful and melodic.

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  2. This is an amazing poem, Shari. Maybe this is your calling, rather than fiction.

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  3. Just a thought 56 was breathtaking. I would like to tell you my favorite part, but I can’t. I would have to say the way you opened every stanza. They were tone and mood setters.
    This is the best piece of poetry (and I assure you I read so much of it here in WordPress)
    I have read in a long time. Bravo.

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  4. I’m always in awe of your writing, Shari! I must take note of your delightful adjectives (skittering, toppled) to describe the results of wind. Mind boggling enough to think in the perspective that stars are now just an ancient light.

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  5. Wonderful, awesome, all of the above.


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  6. Kind of like magic … a beautiful and mesmerising poem, Shari!

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  7. Hi Shari, I just wanted to check that you are not caught up in those horrendous Californian wildfires? I am not sure where you live, but I think it’s in that area … Hope all is well with you.

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    • Hi Denzil, it’s really nice to hear from you.

      Thank you for your concern about the fires. We’re actually not close to the fires but have many friends who’ve been evacuated. Past fires have burned close to us, but we’ve always been kept safe. I wish I could say the same for so many others – the loss of life is devastating.


  8. This is so beautiful and poignant, Sharon. You captured the intangible and made it tangible…. you’ve put what seemed ineffable into words. I love this!

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  9. Such poingnant verses, and several phrases are staying with me — which I very much love in a poem.

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  10. Wow. Very powerful imagery, tone, mood.

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  11. makes me smile & cry — what a word artist you are, dear Sharon


    • Thank you so much, Daal. I’m glad you liked this one, written from my heart.

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      • as if they all aren’t? you are too modest, dear Sharon ❤


      • I never thought of myself as a poet – my college stuff was pure garbage nonsense. But I started writing poetry from a place inside where I had to be honest even if facing awful truths about myself. I opened up and it got better. Thank you for such a kind comment, Daal.

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      • you & I are lucky that we started writing when we were young — I chatted with a friend recently who said she’s never journaled because she worried her older self would judge what her younger self wrote. we got into an interesting conversation about how self editing — how at some level, when it comes to worrying that something I write may hurt a loved one, I do either toss those writings or don’t write at all…


      • Though I did start writing young, my very young stuff was absolute rubbish. It was decades before I could face truths about myself and other people. I believed I was totally responsible for all failure and acrimony. Now I think that our strength comes from being vulnerable and talking about what hurts and why. I’m still learning to delve deeply, still trying to bring it to the surface. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Daal.

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  12. Whether you write poetry or prose Sharon the effect is the same. You get to the core and touch our hearts.


  13. You’ve beautifully caught with your words the essence of all that’s uncatchable, Shari. Love this!


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