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Who Tells Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. To traverse across a chasm while balanced on a thin silver string. Gaping crowds below, pearlescent clouds above, the wire shuddering in the wind. Few have touched down safely on the other side.

But you have. With pluck, determination, and courage. That’s your story.

Not everyone knows how to write. It isn’t just paragraph and spelling knowledge. It’s character development, plot construction, writing craftsmanship. Sequence, judgment, vision.

Some may be able to learn. Schools, online courses, writers’ conferences, self-help books all offer opportunities. Computer programs and lined paper pages stay open late. Practice and critical review always meet deadlines.

Probability of failure despite effort.

Possibility of an audience.

Others must learn to be grateful to share their story with those who can write. A minute on a high wire is a moment to contemplate. The one trembling on the wire, those on the ground looking up.

The choice is to insist on writing your story so poorly that few will read and praise it, or to hand the idea to the master who will craft your story so that many will turn the pages.

Or a third choice. Learn to write well, a demanding journey of effort and failure and potential success, its own act on a high wire. The ultimate achievement.

Probability of story well written.

Possibility of glittering stars on Goodreads.

Brilliance evolves when someone reads the story and is transformed. Yes, it began with you, your ballet on the silver string.

Whose life is important? Whose balance on the wire is exciting enough to write it in a story?

Maybe anyone’s. Probably everyone’s. Possibly yours.


Says she who has yet to be published.


Just a thought 62


Painting Seiltanzerin* 1913 by August Macke, courtesy: Wikimedia Commons; *Tightrope Walker

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Comments on: "Who Tells Your Story" (26)

  1. Everyone’s story is important.

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  2. It is irritating to find a story that has been happily percolating in the back of one’s brain is published by someone else! Yeah, that’s happened. Good post, Shari.

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    • That’s true, Jacqui, and really upsetting when it’s discovered, though my point was that sometimes you (the universal You, not you) need help, perhaps a co-writer or ghost writer.


  3. Dear “She Who Has Yet to be Published”,
    Sharing yourself via your blog has already reached, inspired and spurred reflection with many more people than many “published authors”. You have a God-given gift and it needs no validation from humans.
    Being published is a wonderful destination and I hope you enjoy your journey – know I have enjoyed it.

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  4. For the she who has yet to be published, I can’t wait until she is.

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  5. We travel a rough road as writers.

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  6. Shari, I can’t wait to read your published work … it’s never easy though! So often I have heard people talk about their lives and just wanted to sit with them, take notes and let me write it! So many amazing stories out there …it’s a matter finding the voice for them. Interesting thoughts, Sharon. xx

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  7. And especially yours. We all have a story but it is jolly hard work having it heard.

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  8. I really love that painting and your words about the act of writing and being published fit it so perfectly, Shari. I agree to some degree that good writing can be learned but there needs to be that spark inside a person to let her words shine – I know that you’ve got that spark and I can’t wait for others to be illuminated by it as well. ☺

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  9. Very true Sharon — folks forget that writing is both a talent & something one continually works on, hones, learns — or as you point out, they can hire someone to do for them


  10. Sharon, you inspire me (and no doubt all your readers!) I know you will be published someday. And meanwhile, your blog is telling your story to a wide audience already. I always love reading your posts.
    (Slowly catching up here…..)


  11. Lovely post! Very inspiring!


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