Sparked by Words

Morning Blooms

Morning blooms a fervid pledge

The horizon and the stars, yet

From every next morning crawls

A battered promise cobbled

From the previous morning’s rubble


All future in a bud or the wind

Rinds of melon, a wilted rose

Only one petal removed

The elegant equation of

Despair and a child’s hope


Blossoms cast on the ground

An apple clenched in one’s fist

The breeze murmured in hair

A nimbus cloud damp against lips

Water casting pearls upon cheeks


Chants twine around two wrists

Lightning cradles two heartbeats

The bright promise of morning

Forgets yesterday’s heartache

And wakes the sleeper


Pause by the moaning trees

Crouch on salt flats

Pad into the wilderness

Rush toward tomorrow

For dreams of horizon and stars



Just  a thought 76



Painting Olivenheim, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, courtesy Wikimedia Commons





Comments on: "Morning Blooms" (29)

  1. ‘… breeze murmured in hair’

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  2. That is very powerful, Sharon. I love this line – All future in a bud or the wind
    Rinds of melon, a wilted rose – and more. I’ve been listening to a song. It goes well with your poem.

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  3. So many wonderful gems here. Thank you.

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  4. Lovely poem. “Rinds of melon, a wilted rose”–I paused at that one.

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  5. Jenna Barwin said:



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  6. Future in a bud. Love the protection that image provides. Wonderful, Shari

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  7. what a gorgeous word painting!

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  8. Lovely images here, Sharon, with interesting contrasts. I sense some tension alternating with our responsibility to find joyful awareness in nature – in all of creation. Beautiful work!


  9. This definitely speaks to me.


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  10. Reblogged this on malcolm franokuski and commented:
    Interesting artwork.

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  11. I see. I read it at the end of your blog post. Thanks for sharing, by the way.


  12. Beautiful imagery!


  13. As always your words evoke a series of images blooming inside my head – it’s as if I can see, hear, taste and feel all the things you’ve included in this beautiful thought!


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